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There are currently nearly 90 web page graphic sets here. Please feel free to use any of the sets or even mix and match. A Link back to this page, is required as shown on all sets. All graphic sets are fully encryption encoded with author reference so please do not try to take credit as original author. Strictly not for commercial or business use.

All graphics are made using Ulead Photo Impact and Paint Shop Pro

*Note Linking to Web Page address URL is okay. *Direct linking to Graphics is disabled on this domain*.

If you hot link and assume the graphics look good on your site, you are only seeing the actual copy of the graphics found on your very own hard drive, located in your own web browser cache, no one else will see these on your site, they'll only see a blank box where they could have been? Stealing band width from other web sites is a criminal act recognised Globally

Thank you.

We can make a heart or fire and lightning animation in minutes, please ask if you need something just give a description details size colour etc.

Each set has Background(s) Buttons Headers also extras. Animated banners are made for our card sites, friends and family. More will be added as required or asked to make them.

Graphics and Sets made by CRS using only Paint shop Pro

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