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The home location for this site is based within the North East of England the City of Newcastle upon Tyne. The local folk here are known as Geordies (pronounced as if Jordy's). We have a very strong local dialect. But it is not a part of Scotland as people often assume. (due to our partial similarity in accent). President Jimmy Carter and The World famous Boxer Ali both individually once said of Geordies, "they are the salt of the Earth".
We have had to empty the guestbook many times and add it onto the site here, any one interested can view each of the three lenghty pages as follows.
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There is hopefully something for everyone here on this web site, entertainment pages, wav sound files, magic card tricks, optical illusions, brain teasers, a good selection of free to play java games and even iq tests. Endless many poems set out as greeting cards, there are free graphics for you to use originally made for the poetry pages many nice digital photographs taken by Bob of flowers roses carnations animals swans and birds sky scenes rainbows people and many other categories too. a very basic (way out of date) novice pc tutor and handy internet information. IRC chat abbreviations and acronyms listed for you, the best links to the internets free voice chats. handy super worth a bookmark links. A brief guided walk about tour through Newcastle upon Tyne and the famous hoppings fun fair. Many Newcastle photos, a brief few examples of the geordie dialect and some old north east recipes to try. Geordie poems recited, in full dialect, taking a look at the geordie folk and their city, some that look back in time at the good old days prices and all.
My full name Christopher Robin, (serious now) there seem to be a few of us about out there in the world, the occasions that I have used IRC (Internet Relay Chat) most think I am joking about my name. I use the given nick names of SixFour whenever using IRC. These are nick names adopted and given to me from my former CB Radio days
I am quite a a romantic at heart but only in thought as relayed by my Wife. Check the poetry your self, see if you agree or not. Over time I changed all the poems by vistor request so they could be used and sent as cards via email from each individual page. Nearly 7,000 pages in all and pushing 2,200 poems, all of our web pages have no pop ups to annoy you. I've been writing Poetry heading into thirty five years now. Family Friendship Love and Romance Holidays and Special Occasions The other consists of Humorous Funny Poems suitable for Friendship Love and Romance Holidays and Special Occasions this one of the two is not intended for younger one's.

As a poet, I am self employed making my sole living and income from writing. Many say this is a blessing they would love to do, my being able to do what they love doing as an actual living. It's often hard and leaves financial struggle at times, but I do like writing and ever keep plodding on regardless.
I still hold Jude's hand every where we go, even after 33 years of marriage, she tells me that, it's only for show, but I totally disagree, (if I let go you see, then she shops and spends cash (joke)) hey old habits, die-hard as they say. Although I agree I am quite a stubborn old devil. Like all Geordie relationships, as a couple we never tend to agree nor see eye to eye, in fact we disagree on most things. But after 33 years that means (to a Geordie) that we probably know and understand one another pretty well. I celebrate our wedding anniversary every year by throwing a brick through the Registrars Windows! (Only joking now). You'll have to read the endless number of Geordie poems on our humorous site to understand about Geordies. The older Jude gets the less she wants me and the more she seems to want work! Geordie lasses are one of the hardest to fathom in the world, indeed a tough breed!
I originate from a large family of four Boys and four Girls as the second youngest of eight. We have to date something like 59 Nephews and Nieces amongst us. Judith comes from a family of five and is also the second youngest. We feel that from life experience the second youngest generally appears to be the one always pushed out! A note of warning "from those who know" to any prospective parents there.
My Hobbies, writing poetry, desk top publishing, Star Gazing, digital photography, yet every time I use a computer, even 26 years on, I still seem to learn something new, they can never seem to keep up with me while working. Making small framed pictures and certificates for special family occasions. Using a program called editpad pro similar to notepad to make web pages rather than any of the HTML editors.
I like the simplest things in life, as they are life's real hidden pleasures, the very things we all take for granted, I know that we like countless folk are really fortunate and have readily at hand simple things such as food clothing water a bed heat and lighting. I do know all about suffering too, and, you will have to take my word and believe me when I say both myself and Jude really have been to hell and back our own short lifetime.
I became involved with computers many years prior through working for free in the Voluntary sector. I had a good ear for listening to other people, and have a gift of being able to put myself (as if effectively) in their shoes. But at the same time I cannot tolerate people who deliberately abuse kindness out of pure greed? It's like biting off the hand offered to save you, in effect, and I really have learned in life that the older you get the wiser you get. You mature, just like a good bottle of wine.

If ever you get the chance to talk with a Geordie using voice on IRC then you will be pleasantly surprised at our actual dialect, (but we Geordie folk do talk extremely fast), the accent sounds a little similar to Scottish.

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