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Just a few paragraphs to mention some, of the many paranormal activities and occurrences that have took place in my lifetime, one way or another. I could SINCERELY make a web site of it's very own with the mass of experiences and content that are stored in my head.

Born the 7th male child of a 7th male child, although not the 7th son of a seventh son, where all in line were male. Allegedly this is mystical in itself?

Unidentified Flying Objects

Personal belief is that there is definitely life out there some where. To look at the Earth and say life only existed on one sole solitary country and not on any other, is just as impossible as saying that there is no such thing as life on other planets. A point to muse over.

As Children, during the early 1960s a large group of us witnessed what appeared to be, an actual planet circle the sun. It was most certainly not an Eclipse and certainly not a sunspot either. It circled round the sun fast indeed about three times in all, in less than a minute or so, and was about an eighth the size of the sun itself. Perfect circle shaped like a small planet or a small planets shadow. There were several of us all saw this, so it was most certainly not imagined.

As a child, many shooting stars were seen throughout my younger years during the early 1960's. Once stopped mid day, to note a triangle shaped shining object stood perfectly stationary. It was really high up in the sky. I stood mystified looking and was soon joined by younger brother, then many adults indeed all joined, until there was a crowd, all looking up at this. It was like a stealth fighter but no such thing existed then. Silver and perfectly stationary!

As a Teenager, I once witnessed the North Star one time only, shine and sparkle with the points and full splendour it has portrayed on Christmas cards and artists Christmas religious paintings. With that, was the very first time actually I heard, what could be interpreted, as Gods voice?

As a teenager. We followed in chase a perfect round metallic ball object, as it flew (darted) through the sky. I followed it via motorbike at speed, through the streets. The sky was perfectly clear and blue, a beautiful clear summer early evening. I stopped hurriedly at my friend's house, dragged him out, through his window in urgency, got him on the bike, and we chased this for many miles. The only single small cloud in the sky, it ran into then seemed to just disappear. Whether it just stayed hidden in there or just did not did not come out is a mystery itself.

The day the first laser weapon was test fired from space myself and wife witnessed what appeared to be a flash of light bounce with a speed so fast through the earth's atmosphere. It was like a laser shot but by far way to quick for something like a meteor passing by the atmosphere. Within an hour later that same evening, we did then see shooting stars or a Meteor.

Saw many many shooting stars and meteors through my childhood. But only one in my Adult years.


I have seen what could be interpreted as ghosts on three separate occasions.

More recently approaching a narrow foot bridge, which runs across a Motorway, I slowed my bicycle down, to allow someone crossing the bridge, approaching towards my direction, I slowed down to allow them time to get through. There are barriers at this particular end to stop motorbikes crossing that footbridge.

The person who was crossing, never came through, and as I went through the actual barriers that person had completely disappeared. No fear was sensed during this, but upon getting onto the bridge, what was a warm night turned extremely cold while on the actual footbridge. As soon as I left the bridge on the other side, the cold disappeared and it was warm again! There was no way any one could have actually left this bridge. Even if they had turned round to head back I would still have seen or passed them.

In the flats where we lived, this is near to an old convent. And a part of the Roman Wall too. Once we walked through an ice cold winter evening down an old lane. There amid the lane appeared a bank of ice cold fog. We had to go through this to continue the journey. Coming back out the other side and looking back over the shoulders it sat there like a ghostly pathway to the unknown. No ice or winter fog was anywhere else at all, except this one spot alone?

Walking past the convent itself, the rear gave a sense of the Devil himself in presence. Many times I crossed the path and road to avoid getting close to this place. A sense of bearing hackles like a dog sensing something weird and terrifying.

We always knew and sensed that there was something strange in this area, more so outside and around these flats. It sensed as if something visited the rooftops frequently. Many neighbours living there often sensed this. The rear of the flats all has a balcony, living on the third floor ours was open to the roof and rain gutter. Working late one night in the small cupboard on the balcony (my tool cupboard work shed). I sensed the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end. Like a dog baring hackles I felt myself growl as if sensing danger was atop of me.

I grabbed a very large screwdriver and pummelled the gutter to scare what ever it was away. This was a terrifying experience and I ended growling much alike a dog. This gets worse. Another night, our next-door neighbour and myself heard this yet again. It was as if falling, struggling to remain or cling on the roof. Next day many tiles were lying in the gutter and on the ground?

This was indeed a regular occurrence. Later in time, a friend and her boyfriend stayed at our home until late, we were debating religion. We eventually agreed to differ around 4 am in the morning. I walked them the quickest way to the start of their journey, passing this convent. At the bottom of that street, my friend again started debating religion.

Picture this one in your mind, as it is incredible to grasp as real or possible. Pitch black in the nights early morning, then for 4 5 seconds brilliant day light as if day time, then dark again. Not I strongly emphasise, a lightening or storm or any thing similar. Not something in the distance either, every where went day normal light for 4 to 5 seconds. She looked at me, I looked at her and her boyfriend, he was first to speak, what on earth, were his words. We all saw this all three of us, I commented maybe this is God saying enough is enough. At that we departed company rapidly.

ESP Premonitions

I have had a gifted ability to predict many things, and had this since my childhood. This is usually through premonitions, but I do have an inability to interpret them correctly at the time they decide to manifold themselves.

Since Childhood I have been able to see and predict many things, and able to quite accurately read peoples lives from a simple pack of playing cards.

Born as the seventh child of a seventh child, although not the seventh son of a seventh son. This is apparently of mystical or spiritual significance. As a young teen (a youth) watched a television program regarding ESP. Weeks later in the programme's schedule they were to have a computer generate a random number.

This number would then refer to a computerised random chosen photograph. A television personality was then to later to sit staring at that photograph. Attempting to send an image out via ESP.

The hope was that people watching may possibly get a vision of the picture and then draw what they had seen via esp. Immediately that the mention of the scheduled experiment had been broadcast.

I actually wrote down the number of the photograph the computer was to generate then drew a pencil picture of actual photograph this was to be associated with.

I was to young to participate in that TV programme. But I but stumped the TV producers and programme associates with this prediction. Weeks before the experiment had even been attempted, I had predicted the computers chosen number sketched the picture it would pick and also even said who the TV presenter would be and also described the room he would be sitting in. I got my mother to sign and witness that this was not a con trick.

Through Life, as we all do, I have said things in temper too unfortunately many came true. I truly hated myself afterwards. Not just one or two things either. Many situations like this have happened. Way to painful indeed too ever talk about in a web page. By far, too many to be mere co-incidence. I also saw the death of an Uncle Grandmother and many others before they died via premonitions.

Had a premonition of a disaster in space. One that was to catch the entire Worlds attention, the Premonition was of the Moon, it appeared to be larger than the earth in the vision. The vision clearly foretold shock and horror world wide. Within weeks of this the space shuttle that blew up.

Once wrote a letter summarising my life during a particular crisis. The entire prophetic content of that letter later came true 99.99% accurately. I can only add this is and was not a situation that any sane person would purposely put them selves through, simply to make the truth from a prophecy appear to happen.

By far, yet again, way too personal and incredibly painful to go into any detail.
In recent years, I had a weird and strange dream. It was as if some one was standing beside my bed side showing me the scenes I witnessed. During this vision or interpretation I appeared to be in the local town when what could be described as the finger of God poked through the cloud and started writing fiery words across the skies. People looked on in amazement while I grabbed my VCR from my bag, just as I started recording this, fireballs flew everywhere and earth quakes shook the city.

This is quite a lengthy one to debate, but when my wife returned home that evening, mentioning this to her, she told me it was supposed to be the end of the World that week according to Prophets. You can imagine how this made me feel. Sincerely I had no Notion what so ever of these Prophecies. But this was indeed scary to say the least.

Okay so the end of the world did not come. My vision or interpretation and the ancient prophets seemed to be wrong some where along the line. But having said that, the same year as we know brought Famines and Floods Earth Quakes and goodness knows what, to Country after Country.

Is this possibly what I had seen, indeed is this possibly what the ancient prophets had also seen.
A Prophecy a Vision, is easy to receive. But the Interpretation is indeed difficult to exactly translate.
I strongly believe. According to the Bible, that when God removed the direct freedom of access to himself from Man. At Man's fall, that a particular part of the brain, a Spiritual side which had, and has, many possibilities and powers, was shut off from further use by man. Although it's still there we just do not know how to access it for use. Perhaps this too accounts for the many miracles and amazing miraculous feats of strength and similar strange tales we hear throughout our lives. If you know anything of the Holy Spirit, perhaps this is where he resides with a true believer.

Who Truly Knows the Answers!

More recently, now into my mid 40's I have what seem to be, some truly awesome and amazing dreams, and Premonitions but in real vivid colour. What is so strange about these dreams is that I sense some one there with me, as if they are showing me, or relaying these things to me.

More Recently, I was told by who ever stands at my bedside relaying this, to put the lottery numbers on that week. But using only number with a 2 in them. Mid week right at the very last minute I scribbled 6 possible lines down. I put only the actual first line I had wrote on. If I had put all six lines on, I would not only have won several three number combination prizes, but also a five number cash prize too.

An even more recent dream was when my Partner and myself were taken to another Planet. Not an unusual dream, but it was so vivid it could well have been real. It was NOT frightening in any way, and was truly enjoyable and memorable in every imaginable sense, with what appeared to be extremely friendly Aliens.

What was unusually striking in this dream, was that we actually went for a walkabout in their City. I say a City as they had a massive (and I mean massive) River running through it. And an ocean ship went by us, perhaps as large as a small city itself, and it too was perfectly circular. Like a Birthday Cake shape to give you an idea. The Buildings were all Silver the sky was awesome colours of red purple and blues.


Another gift that is indeed often quite sad in return, feeling for others literally sensing their pain or emotion. Watching many operations on Television can be incredible and leave me unable to move, feeling quite ill, as if I had personally undergone the operation?

Reading a true story of a Paraplegic I found myself often unable to use my legs at all for many minutes after wards. This also has a beautiful side too, and can heal many hearts and pains for others.


Well dates are indeed weird.

My Mothers 21st Grandchild was born on the birthday of her first Grandchild's 21st Birthday.

4 Boys 4 Girls in our family also 1 female and 1 male child lost before birth.

Myself born 19 Jan Wife 19 June Son 19 December

Father In Laws Birthday is 14th June 2 Granddaughters born that day too.

Recently talking with my Son's Girlfriend about these strange dates, she was shocked to realise her Father is indeed born the same day as me and that he too (as my Father) also had 26 children in his family?

Father In-law was born 14th June two of his granddaughters were born that same day, and he died the day before one of his Grandsons Birthday. These are brief examples, but they do say this is a common thing among families, and indeed has mathematical reason behind all.

There is a lot more indeed, to add and I will add more as I recall or see anything else interesting.

Read Bob's Ghost story & Horror poems.Truly scary thoughts to send shivers up your spine

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